In this workshop, we talked about the use of Scratch from K-11 and introduced two input devices: MakeyMakeys and Picoboards.

We also looked at some Scratch Alternatives (see below)

We looked in a fair amount of detail at a MakeyMakey enhanced family tree, suitable for the lower primary years, a movie “Variable boy” where a year 4 student demonstrates competency in roughly 25% of the NSW year 7 Maths Syllabus using Scratch, and some uses of the Picoboard, a device that converts outside signals to computer readable data.

These three, are visible as movies on my youtube channel.

The scratch program that works with clicking and the one that is enabled for MakeyMakey can be downloaded here.

Other useful sites

From Berkeley university, this online editor uses Java, not Flash, so is available on iPads

Scratch Offline
From the MIT site

Scratch for Arduino
Lots of experimental options here