Image of Martin LevinsMartin really likes technology because he likes playing and believes that play is really important in learning (at least that’s his excuse)

With a teaching career spanning Science, Maths, Design, Technology, IT and Outdoor Education, Martin is ideally placed to assist in developing cutting edge curriculum, and professional learning.

He has extensive experience in strategic planning, management and public speaking, and currently consults to schools, school districts and authorities.

No stranger to boards, Martin is and President of the Australian Council for Computers in Education, the national peak body for educators using technology in teaching and learning, Director of ICTENSW and acts in an advisory capacity to the National Innovation and Science Agenda for the Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority, ACEvents, Lifejourney and

He is the co-author of “BYO—the digital evolution of schooling” (with Mal Lee), a casual lecturer in the School of Education at the University of New England

Martin delivers keynotes, workshops and other presentations to school and system leaders, parent, staff or student bodies.

He provides a unique insight from his experience as a classroom teacher, author, teacher educator, curriculum developer, presenter, network engineer and programmer.

From evaluations of recent keynotes:

  • “A humorous and insightful speaker, Martin Levins provides thought-leadership on the future of Australian schooling.
    Levins draws on his extensive experience in schooling and education technology to provide unique perspectives on educational trends in a digital world. In his EdTechSA 2016 state conference keynote, Levins left the audience laughing, sighing, and pondering new possibilities to re-think education and take action as change leaders for learning improvement”—Christine Haynes, Immanuel College

  • “Great – best presentation – great use of visuals and active ideas at the end of a busy day”

  • “Inspiring, challenging and motivating presentation”

  • “Martin is able to communicate well with the whole group”

  • “As always, a great presentation by Martin”